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Toothpick Sword Earrings

Toothpick Sword Earrings

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These unique neon earrings are perfect for adding a touch of fun and charm to any outfit. Made from lightweight cocktail swords, they are sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go. The vibrant neon colors available make it easy to match these earrings with any ensemble, whether you're dressing up for a night out or adding a pop of color to your everyday look.

While these earrings are stylish and eye-catching, it's important to note that the ends of the cocktail swords can be sharp. This adds an edgy element to the design, but also means that they should be handled with care. Despite their sharp ends, these earrings are still comfortable to wear and won't weigh you down throughout the day or night. Add a playful twist to your jewelry collection with these one-of-a-kind cocktail sword earrings in your favorite neon hue!

High Quality Metal 

Each pair of earrings features surgical steel fish hook hardware, ensuring comfort and irritation-free wear for the majority of ears. We also offer additional upgrades like clip ons for non-pierced ears, leverbacks for stretched ears, and 925 sterling silver fish hooks for ultra sensitive ears. Best of all, these upgrades come pre-installed on your new earrings, so you can enjoy them right out of the package without any hassle. Elevate your style and experience the difference with our quality hardware.

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