Kroped PR

Interested in getting free Kroped products in exchange for social media exposure?
Join our PR list today!

Kroped PR will not cost you anything. No sales requirements or weirdness.
You will receive free items like shirts, keychains, jewelry, and other general gifts in exchange for social media posts.
You’ll also get a discount code for yourself and anyone you want to give it to!

-An Instagram account. Although there is no follower minimum, it cannot be private
-Sharing, liking, and commenting on Kroped’s social media accounts
-To be able to read directions and follow them QUICKLY
-Must follow Kroped on all common social platforms (post-contract)
-Must not be racist, homophobic, xenophobic or be a part of any other hateful activities
-Cannot be a past member of Kroped PR
-Must not be selling similar items to Kroped